January 17th, 2009

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[Master Post] Uta no Oniisan Ep 1

File: Uta no Oniisan Episode 1
Air Date: 2009.01.16
File Size: Depends on Format, see below
File Format: .avi
File Servers: MU/MF/Direct, both single and split file formats
Original File Credit: D-addicts, Gachapin


HQ - file size: 1.07g (d-addicts)/1.49g (gachapin cb - hdtv) , aspect ratio: 1280x720 divx

single ~ MU - Gachapin version by itshelene

split ~ MF: .001|.002|.003|.004|.005|.006|.007|.008|.009|.010|.011|.012 by gimmick_game

split ~ MU: .001|.002|.003 by itshelene


MQ - file size: 468mb , aspect ratio: 704x396

single ~ MU/Direct by gimmick_game

split ~ Here in 5 parts by lady_mercury on MF.

As always, if you have any links or different file qualities to share, please comment below! :) ♥

Edit: Fixed link for part .007 of the HQ and full MU file of the MQ is up. Direct is almost finished.
arashi → ohno → wet unf

[Master Post] VS Arashi ep. 39 (2009.1.17)

File: VS Arashi Episode 39
Air Date: 2009.1.17
File Size: 293mb
File Format: .avi
Guest: None - SP recap.
File Servers: MF - Single files ~ MF - 3 split files
Original File: chaix2


Single File ~ MF by gimmick_game (yes, single file)

MU by gimmick_game (finally got it to work)


Split File ~ MF: .001|.002|.003 - Join with HJSplit by gimmick_game