January 18th, 2009


I come bearing fanarts!

a sketch I began of Matsujun (from the cover of Switch magazine). Full size can be seen here at my artblog.

Feel free to stop by as I periodically update (at least once a week, hopefully) with guides/advice on general drawing tips for artists with no formal art training. I will use personal fanart of Matsujun as examples, so learn by way of fangirling! If there are techniques you want to see or pic of Matsujun you want me to draw, stop by and let me know!

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Question about ordering Arashi's 2009-2010 calendar


I was wondering if anyone has ordered Johnny's calendars from sites like cdjapan, yesasia, hmv-japan, playasia, or any other sites? I'm asking because I want to buy the calendar, and I usually order from cdjapan, but the shipping for the calendar is around 50 dollars. All other sites offer normal shipping rates but don't have product details so I don't know if I'm getting all of the materials or not.

Can anyone tell me why cdjapan's shipping is so high? Or if anyone has ordered the calendars from other sites, did you receive everything alright?

Thanks in advance! Thanks for the fast responses!
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