January 22nd, 2009

Masaki - Otomen.

NY Comic Con. Update.

Okay, so I decided to double check on times for the Comic Con and the autograph session and saw this:
"We don't want to provide any misinformation to all of Miike-san and Sakurai-san's fans, but we hope that they understand that while both Miike-san and Sakurai-san will be premiering Yatterman at New York Comic Con, the specifics of their appearances may change. Originally, both Miike-san and Sakurai-san were scheduled to participate in the panel and autograph session on Friday prior to the DGA Theater screening. Miike-san is still commited to both the panel and signing. Due to Sakurai-san's press schedule, we can no longer confirm he'll be participating in the panel and signing; however, he will be present and part of the world premiere at the DGA Theater on Friday night, and tickets to this screening will be distributed freely at Nikkatsu's booth at New York Comic Con as well as via a contest to members of the subwaycinema.com mailing list."
Info. taken from here.
So, Sho might NOT be signing autographs?! I'm not really sure if I want to buy a plane ticket and go there now. S: Anyone else have any other information saying otherwise?