January 26th, 2009

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Hoshi Ni Naru Made By Sakurai Sho

Hello! This is my first Japanese-English-Chinese translation since it's Sho chan's birthday (though I am an hour or so late because of the Chinese lyrics). I'm on vox, LJ and aibakaland forums. Comments are loved. Happy 27th birthday Sho kun! Thank you for always cheering me when I study!

I would be very happy if anyone could point out areas where I can improve. Please post the link of this video to any Chinese/Korean Arashi forums if you can. Thank you and may I have your favour. ^_______________^ v


你好! 這是我首編日英中翻譯。是興祝小翔的生日的(不過因為打入中文譯本所以遲了一小時)。我在vox,LJ aibakaland論壇皆有户口。我很喜歡評論的。翔君,祝你二十七歲生日快樂! 謝謝你在我讀書的時候為我打氣! 如果大家能指出我可以改善的地方,我會很開心的。請把片子的url放在中/韓的論壇裹,謝謝,多多指教!^____________^ v

Credits for the hiragana goes to bambina421 of LJ. All translations and romaji done by me and editted by my kind and good friend Kumiko. This clip is also dedicated to all Arashi fans and of course Sho wifeys, esp noted Yuckie chan, mmestrange, jeffer, shida, Mishi, Dyani, Nyanchan, Taccho, Tayuri, Technoteddy, hoshinomi, Lulish, sakurai-storm, STORMY SUBS and SAKURAI SUBS, mclam01, hippiefox, change417 (An chan), enshinge (en-sensei), wingsonwords (Aki chan) and all the mods of all Arashi forums in every human language there is available.


Edit: fixed typo and LJ cut.... (yeah...) sorry ppl about sounding so tired last night it was around 0330 when i was done so .... Happy Chinese New Year too!


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