January 29th, 2009

Jun to Sho

[MF] 2008.01.29 Arashi on Zoom In - Animated pv for Believe preview (with info)

Tatsunoko and JStorm announced today that there will be an animated pv for Believe, Arashi's next single, theme song of Yatterman movie starring Sakurai Sho <3 in the leading role as Ganchan aka Yatterman number 1! ♥

Info, caps comparison and download links of the Zoom In preview + mini Arashi interview here at my journal ^_^
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Scans of Meikan vol.2 (1997) and Truth lim single :3

I got around to finally finishing the scanning of Meikan volume 2 which takes us back to the summer of 1997! :D

Johnny's Juniors's
Meikan Vol. 2

Featured: way too cute chibi arashi members!! 8D
index list and download found further down on the scan page~
Comments are ♥ and so is credit if using (but latter is not a must!)

And since I forgot to link back when I actually uploaded it, I have scan to Truth limited single here!
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Arashi Wallpaper

It's my first time posting in this community (after lurking for a long, long time ;~;)!
I'd like to share something I made out of boredom.
Well, it was actually an attempt to revive my fairly rusty and old photoshop/graphic/web designing skills.

S-Sad, I know.
Moving on!

1024x768 only.

It's simple. Hopefully no one minds. D:

- DO NOT repost elsewhere and claim as your own.
- Commenting is not necessary, but do so anyway if you want. |D
- Scan credit to change417 (She's amazing ♥)

EDIT: Realized the first wallpaper was choppy and poorly made. Took it down for the sake of everyone's eyes. :D;;