January 30th, 2009

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Yatterman Premier Tickets

I have been guaranteed 15 tickets for the Yatterman Premier on Friday night at the NY Comic Con. The tickets will still be available at the Nikkatsu booth for those who wish to wait in line, but I have been guaranteed 15 tickets for our members.

Unfortunately, I need to submit a list of names by Tuesday at the latest. 3 tickets total have been spoken for (including my own), so the first 12 people who respond, who can prove they are indeed attending, will be guaranteed a seat at the premier.

Please, only serious requests for a ticket will be honored. It wouldn't look good to have your name on the list and be a no-show.

Comments to this post will be screened, because I need your full name, but I will add your screen name to the list below so you will know you have a ticket. :)

Yatterman Premier Ticket List: ONE TICKET PER PERSON.

1. flange5
2. umitsubame
3. devanat
4. angelyrique
5. yan_sama
6. moogle_tey
7. youkosiren
8. track_04
9. muhlisahhh
12.doublemintan - (please PM me your legal name, you're the only one I'm missing.)

I think it would be good to have a bit of a meet-up sometime Friday when the con opens. The panel should still be at 4pm, but it MAY be moved up to accommodate Sho's appearance at it. They are working hard to ensure Sho will be at as many events as possible.

EDIT: I'm getting ready to go through the comments and list who got what tickets. Unfortunately, due to the response, I think I'm going to have to limit to 1 per person. I got over FIFTY requests. I'm not going to ask you forward me your flight iteneraries or anything of the sort, I just wanted to make sure people were not just reserving tickets on a whim of MAYBE going. I apologize in advance to anyone who was not able to reserve a ticket. It's not actually reserving a ticket, per se, but putting your name on a guest list for the event (as my guests) so that is my reasoning for making sure you all are truly going.

If you are not picked, please do not feel discouraged. I simply went in order of comments (with the person commenting getting the ticket, not their others, sorry), first-come, first-serve. This DOES NOT mean you might not be able to get tickets at the Nikkatsu booth THAT day.

Keep an eye out as I will be compiling the list shortly.

Requests are now CLOSED. Thank you to everyone who responded with requests for spots, we had over fifty requests, not including people asking for multiple tickets. I know Sho will be happy to see that kind of response at the premier and I wish you luck on getting tickets at the Nikkatsu booth on Friday! :)

Edit AGAIN (lol) - If you are on the list above, your names are now on the guest list and you will be able to pick up your passes at the Directors Guild Theater, located at 110 West 57th Street (map). The Red Carpet and World Premier will start at 8pm, so I suggest you get there early (and dress very warm).

The general tickets will be available at 1pm at the Nikkatsu booth and given out until there are out.

[Master Post] Arashi no Shukudai-kun #119

for my 1st time i' sorry, very sorry for late i just come back t_t

File: Arashi no Shukudai-kun #119
Air Date: 2009.01.26
File Size: 300 mb - 216 mb - 767 mb
File Format: .avi
File Servers: MU & MF Split & single files
Original File Credit: chai2x/Gachapin clubbox
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Single File:
MU[info]rafael_xp @ [info]last_of_days

Split File:
MF - [info] ai_baka @ [info]akaisuki_drop
MF/MU - [info]rafael_xp @ [info]last_of_days

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