January 31st, 2009


Subbed goodness! 8D

En-chan and Ohmiya_sg's Anniversary Celebration
It's not too late to join in on the fun.^^

[O-E] 070406 Hanamaru Cafe - Yokoyama Yuu
(Yokoyama Yuu [Kanjani8])
Mentions of Aiba Masaki [Arashi], Ninomiya Kazunari [Arashi], Ohkura Tadayoshi [Kanjani8], Nishikido Ryo [Kanjani8/NEWS]
- HERE -

[O-E] 061028 Ousama no Brunch - Kisarazu Cat's Eye
(Sakurai Sho [Arashi], Okada Junichi [V6], Tsukamoto Takashi [random hot actor 8D])
- HERE -

Caps, downloads, summaries all under the fake cuts.^^
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A Japan artists AU RP set in the 1800's where there are Three Kingdoms, Kyouvoyna, Asgard and Bonheur. And there's Midgard, the free land. All three Kingdoms have different cultures, strength, weather and system. Kyouvoyna, the kingdom up at the north was mostly covered with snow. It is the biggest kingdom with great military and rich in its mining.  Asgard, a kingdom with four seasons where it has the most modern technology and the biggest entertainment. The people there work hard at day and party at night. Bonheur, a land which is rich for its agricultures and it's beautiful landscape, the people love peace and it has a good relationship with both kingdoms. And midgard, the free land, is ruled by a mayor and is located at the center of the kingdoms, making it as a land of trade.

Everything is peaceful, but for how long? no one knows?

Lots of characters and jobs are availabe. You want to be a prince or princess? A happy commoner with a bakery shop? A stage actor? A genderal? Or even be a part of the harem? Just join in here.

More information could be found at[info]tres_reinosooc 
And we play at[info]tres_reinosrpg

Note : I was given permission already to make this post. Permission given by gimmick_game 
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As rafael_xp suggested I repost this, cause otherwise no one would notice that we have links now :) Therefor I deleted tzhe original post (hope that´s okay with you guys)

File: Himitsu no Arashi-chan
Air Date: 2009.01.29
File Size: 599 MB (LQ)
File Type: avi
File Servers: MU (single file)/MF (split file)
Original File: Gachapin



Single Files~
MU thanks to rafael_xp @ last_of_days

Split Files~
.001//.002//.003//.004//.005//.006//.007 by cariad_82
please join the parts with hjsplit before watching.


Okay here´s the first HNA Masterpost which is not from gimmick_game (btw. thanks for all your hard work).

As always if you would like to share your own upload links please comment here and I will update the post with your link. Thanks :)
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Small Arashi Section in HK Apple Daily

Minna, it's my first time posting here.
Today, I was so excited when I see this small section about arashi's new single believe in HK apple daily.

I scan the section, simply because I couldn't resist XD, even if the section is small.

You can see the characters they will be tranforming into. They really resemble arashi :D.
I must apologize, since i don't really know how to scan stuff :d.

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