February 7th, 2009


NYCC Report! Just the beginning...

It's nearly 3 AM here in NYC now, and I'm pooped! But I began to post some inital stuff about the con, so if you are interested, please come to my LJ and check it out. :D I'm sure there will be tons of reports streaming in from the myriad of fans and LJ folks who were there, so prepare yourselves for the Sho flood - cause it was awesome. :)

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WooGyu - Infinite


Sorry I´m two days late, but I had a lot to do at the lab.

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Compiled list of NYC news, reports, fancams

I know a ton of you are probably starting to get sick of all the updates but I initially wanted to keep a list of said reports so that I could remember them all. You lucky people who got to go. xD

So anyway, I made a list of all the reports and etc, that I've seen floating around so that it might be a little easier on you guys who might have woken up late and are now looking at backtracking through several pages of f-list. x.x

If I linked to your entries and you would like me to remove you from the list because you prefer not to be public-posted let me know and I'll take you off immediately. ^ ^

(List here. Yes. I am a fake lj cut. :Dv )

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Sho at NYCC (more descriptive report)

Haha sorry guys if you're getting sick of this! m(_ _)m  Anyway, the only time I got to see Sho was when he was making his special appearance in NYCC which pretty much was him waving to everyone in a room.  And I was lucky enough to be in the front while he was making his appearance.  =]

Also, I have pictures of the booth, the pamphlets, and pictures of Sho (which aren't that great)

To find everything, click here

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[DDL] Fancams & Report

I'm sure by now most of you already have had your fill of reading the fan reports of Sho at the NYCC and at the "Yatterman" premiere...

but I bring to you HQ DDLs of the fancams that I took (and posted earlier onto youtube/livejournal in a previous entry).

please head this way to download (and if you're not already sick of reading fan reports and wouldn't mind reading mind, please click here XD)