February 8th, 2009


[Master Post] VS Arashi #42

FYI: they changed the rules (again). For Falling Pipes, if you do a double-catch, you'll get 100 points extra.

File: VS Arashi #42
Air Date: 2009.02.07
File Size: 307mb
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Guest: Takahashi Katsumi and Yashima Norito
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Official News of Sho & Miike & Fangirls in the "New York Daily News"

Online article here: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/movies/2009/02/06/2009-02-06_horror_director_takashi_miike_unveils_ne.html

I'm guessing this accounts for something...for us "fangirls" to be mentioned in the New York Daily News (which "is the fifth most-widely circulated daily newspaper in the United States" as quoted from wikipedia) alone should be a feat. But the article even mentions Takashi Miike, Sho, and Yatterman which comes as a huge shock to me.

Mistake in the article:
"During an appearance Friday at the New York Comic Con, a convention employee said a huge throng of squealing Japanese girls jammed the floor - preventing Sakurai from getting to a booth for an appearance. Instead, he had to stand in a skybox and wave from the window at his fans."

Correction: We weren't all Japanese...in fact we were a huge mix of cultures and ethnicities alongside many international fans. As for the last part of that paragraph, I guess it's a matter of opinion. The only ones who really know are the staff and security.

Unfortunately, I didn't buy a copy of the physical paper this morning so I'm not sure if there was a printed article on Yatterman/Sho/Miike. I'll see if I can find an unsold copy at my local deli later in the morning.
PoT(live action): Ryoma - walk away

Not another Sho report at NYCC!

Yes it is! I'm sorry guys..

So… my report isn’t long. I haven’t read any other fan reports yet so I won’t take on another opinion.

Sho came, and that was good!
NYCC seemed to have thought Sho was an unknown because that’s how they treated his appearances for the most part and that’s bad.
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I have videos but they are very much like how Cloverfield was filmed so I don't think anyone wants that.

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Yatterman Live-Action Film Review

This is the first (and only) post I'll be making in regards to the three reports I plan on writing in regards to NYCC because I know there's been a lot. My sincerest apologies for adding more, however I'd hope this is of interest to some fans out there.

I was Press for the event and so a film review and overall convention report will be written. Then of course, my fan report will be posted as well.

I'll update the older posts with links to the newer posts when they are completed (making it so I don't have to post here each time a new report's up).

For now, here's my Yatterman Live-Action Film Review. It's sort of the rough draft (the version that will go on the web page will be a lot more refined) but I wanted to get it out here for the fans ASAP. :)

(Yatterman Film Review) (For Vox users)
(Yatterman Film Review) (For LiveJournal users)

A review of Yatterman

Hi guys.

I know you're probably tired already of all the NYCC reports but I thought of sharing this article I found. It's pretty interesting since it's non-Arashi biased and the writer talks about the movie in such a cracktastic way. lol. Plus I love how he mentions Sho at the end.

So click here for the article. Enjoy!