February 9th, 2009

ohno camp
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ARASHI NEW SINGLE - Crazy Moon-Kimi・wa・Muteki -

uncle johnny surely know how to make arashi fans bankrupt
well dunno if it's official or not coz i've read it in onlyjun.vox.com/ that when she went to KOSE store and checked CM on store TV.
KOSE "ESPRIQUE PRECIOUS" New CM song is "Crazy Moon-Kimi・wa・Muteki-" by ARASHI

well it sounds obvious ne~ ?? i guess it'll be the coupling song for "SEASON"
and i think i'm gonna pass this one, XXD

Sho waving at me hehe ^_^

New York Comic Con and World Premier of Yatterman from a contest winners point of view

I hope you guys aren't sick of reading these yet haha ^.^ I just havent had time until today to really write anything about the Con and World Premier until now. Most of it is the same as everyone else's except for a little part at the end that I thought I would share with some people. I hope you enjoy it!

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