February 11th, 2009

Dark Knight

Uta no Oniisan - Ep 03

*just stares at Oh-chan's cheesy grin for a while...* :)

Hello all! Softsubs were posted yesterday, so hardsubs are ready today. ^.^d Just head over to my LJ to download it.

(1 MU file@ 692.53 MB or 7 MF files - 6 x 100 MB and 1 x 92.53 MB)

As always, enjoy!

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Tsukasa to inu-chan

Smile - Matsumoto Jun new drama!

I'm so happy to annouce (thank you so much yuckie_chan <3 ) the long waited new drama with my beloved Ichiban Matsumoto Jun as the lead actor!

The title is "Smile" and it's a story about a guy half Filipinos, half Japanese named Bito that meet and fall in love with an aphonic girl, Hana, played by Aragaki Yui (yes *_* I love her XD).

It will premiere in April, TBS Friday 10 pm (the time slot of love <3 A lot of wonderful dramas were aired in that time slot... Maou, Ryuusei no Kizuna, Utahime, Kisarazu Cat's Eye, Tiger and Dragon are only some of them)

The screenwriter will be the gorgeous Satake Mikio, that great man behind the script of Utahime and Hana Yori Dango.

(I have the feeling about a lot of mistakes in this post... but I'm so happy I can't even write in my mother tongue language at the moment so please wait for my recover, I'm so so so happy ;_;
I can also anticipate also Tokyo Friend Park, a lot of promotion, a new Arashi single, a lot of coverage on magazines... Matsumoto fans it will be a wonderful spring for us! ♥ )