February 22nd, 2009

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Rules Update #242893204 - Fanworks

In a joint effort with arashi_on/acidae, a_ra_shi is proud to announce a new fanworks community:


From now on (meaning anything after this post), all fanworks including: icons, graphics of any sort, fanvids, fanmixes, fanart, phone themes, etc. need to be posted there instead of the main community. This will help reduce crossposting dramatically (seeing as those are about the only things left being heavily crossposted) and create a better outlet for Arashi fanworks!

Any post to the main community containing any sort of fanwork will be deleted without notice effective after this post. The fanworks tags will remain in the community's tags list for old posts containing fanworks.

Thanks, and enjoy the new community!

[Master Post] VS Arashi #44

I'm sorry for being late with the master post! (Overslept!)

File: VS Arashi #44
Air Date: 2009.02.21
File Size: 308mb
File Type: avi
Guest: Female golfers revenge! Moromizato Shinobu & Ueda Momoko
File Servers: MF (Split) MU (Single)
Original File: Chaix2



Single Files~
MU uploaded by gwen_xp

Split Files~
[.001] [.002] [.003] [.004] uploaded by arashixdream


If you would like to share your own upload links please comment here and I will update the post with your link. Thank you! :)