February 27th, 2009

things are looking up!
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[Master Post] Uta no Onii-san 06

File: Uta no Oniisan Episode 06
Air Date: 2009.02.27


resolution: 640x360
file size: 636.15 mb
duration: 0:46:16

Mediafire folder, split files (7) by theseventheaven (credit clubbox ysy2021)

resolution: 704x396
file size: 581.76 mb
duration: 0:46:00

Megaupload, full file by marchlavender
Mediafire folder, split files (6) by marchlavender

resolution: 1280x720
file size: 1474.3 mb

megaupload folder, split files (5) by marchlavender
sendspace folder, split files (5) by marchlavender

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Mago Mago Arashi 12 [2005.06.25] (Jun,Ohno) (Judo Doujou) (hardsubbed)

Another Mago Mago Episode and this time, it's Matsujun's first time as a grandkid since the the start of this show.
This time they've become grandkids to revive a doujou that was shut down for 15 years.
A whole bunch of hilarity ensues as Grandpa keeps on forgetting that Leader exists! Interested? Links are at the bottom. We'll spam you again next week :D

Download links here

WooGyu - Infinite


File: Himitsu no Arashi-chan
Airdate: 2009.02.26
Filetype: avi
Filesize: HQ 1,64GB / Analog 884MB / Converted Version 576MB converted by gwen_xp
servers: MU/MF

Original file: Gachapin@CB


Single File

converted version: Megaupload by gwen_xp @ last_of_days

Split Files

HQ: here by katsunowa @ da_tenshi_lang

Analog: here by katsunowa @ da_tenshi_lang

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