March 4th, 2009

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[Upload] News Zero - 2009.03.02 - Zero Culture in NY (Manga vs. Comics)

I know this isn't a show I usually upload, seeing as I don't get a chance to watch it very often (Shukudai-kun and dramas take priority during the times I do get to watch something), but the fact that it was Sho's piece on the differences of manga and comics, and the way manga is perceived in the states, I had to.

(why yes, I am using a screencap of myself. what? XD;;)

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Name: News Zero - Zero Culture vol 1
Air Date: 2009.03.02
File Format: .avi
File Size: 140mb
Aspect Ratio: 640x480
File Servers: MU (Single) // MF (Split - two parts)
Original File Credit: Chaix2@vox

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Oricon news article translation

I saw this posted moments on this comm before it was deleted, but someone kindly directed us to an article in Oricon news about Arashi's single, and when I tried to reply it with a translation it was already deleted, so please let me share it with all of you here...:)

Original article here

Oricon news: "Arashi's new single, already this year's 4th best selling single on its release date"

The popular group Arashi's new single "Believe/Kumori nochi, Kaisei" debuted at Oricon Daily Ranking's top spot on March 3rd. It had record sales of 215,000, and only in its release date it made it to 2009's 4th best selling single, behind Akimoto Junko's "Ai no mama de..." (sales to date 336,000 since Jan 2008), Kat-tun's "ONE DROP" (sales to date 315,000 since Feb 2009), Shuchishin's "Yowamushi Santa" (sales to date 231,000 since Dec 2008).

Arashi/Yano Kenta starring Satoshi Ohno's "Believe/Kumori nochi, Kaisei" are both theme songs of the movie "Yatterman" (airing March 7th) starring member Sakurai Sho and TV Asahi Drama "Uta no Oniisan" starring Leader, Ohno Satoshi. Right now, it is only 121,000 copies away from 2009's most popular single Akimoto Junko's "Ai no mama de...," so depending on the sales from now on, it may break "Ai no mama de..."'s record sales and become this year's top selling single in just one week's time.

...and the rest is about another band in the album ranking (´Д`*

Congratulations!! I predict another prize for being one of the best singles (if not THE best single) for the boys at the end of the year (*゚▽゚)ノ

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