March 15th, 2009


Arashi subs!

090313 MS - Minisute
Ohno (Arashi) + Maru (Kanjani8) + KAT-TUN


One Kame cap for yinghung :)

HAH. If I told you all the awesome, it'd be spoiled for you. Ohno and Maru crash KAT-TUN's Minisute "looking for their dressing room" and act like a couple of dorks for a few minutes.&hearts

Translation: enshinge
Subbing: ohmiya_sg (Saragorn)

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5LDK 090312 - Fukada Kyouko
Sakurai Sho (Arashi) and Shin-Doumoto Kyoudai (KinKi Kids) VTRs


Sho likes being called a prince. XD Too cute~ And watch for his final comment at the very end of the video. Taichi! XD The SDK cast talks about Kyoko, but the beeeeeest part is Koichi's story about...a certain TOKIO member. Probably not who you'd think!

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strike a puppydog pose

[Master Post] VS Arashi #47

File: VS Arashi #47
Air Date: 2009.03.14
File Size: 348MB (MU); 318MB (MF)
File Type: .AVI
Guest: Becky & Katsumata Kunikazu
File Servers: MF (Split) MU (Single)
Original File: 348MB(m12); 318MB (Chaix2)



Single Files~
MU (348MB) uploaded by gwen_xp

Split Files~

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