March 25th, 2009


[translation] Ohchan - 090316 - Only Star

Translation of an interview style article + answering questions from readers at the end here, enjoy~ ^^
        --- I remember the photoshoot being a tough one because your skin tone was so different from that of the other members (laughs).
        Though I’d used sunscreen~.
        --- That’s not the point (laughs).
        Because like, I tend to think it’d be okay anyway. I mean, the other four might as well get tanned too then (laughs).

Scans thanks to [info]joditan <3
Na-chan (Aiba 2)

[DL] Arashi Summer Tour 2007 Final Time: Kotoba no Chikara Final Post [.mp4]

Took me FOREVER to get this update up and I apologize for that. (m)(-_-)(m) Sorry! Anyway, last post for Final Time .mp4s. After 4 days it'll be locked and I'll get started on Arashi Around Asia '07 and (when I get my hands on a copy of the dvd) '08.

This is the final post (as I said before) and due to a careless miscount earlier in the project, there are 6 clips here instead of 4, going from Kimi no Tame ni Boku ga Iru to the finale, Happiness.

[23] Kimi no Tame ni Boku ga Iru
[25] A.RA.SHI
[26] Sakura Sake
[27] Be with you
[28] Hapiness (finale)
[29] Note about Ending Thank-yous.

(Here at [info]amtopm_xx)

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[MU/MF] Arashi @ Music Lovers & Nino @ Rajikaru

Arashi @ Music Lovers [2009.03.24] *RAW

• Backstage clip: 3mb - MU+MF single files
• Love so Sweet & MC - MU+MF single files
• Long MC & Medley & Ending: 160mb - MU single file + MF split in 2

Download here


Nino @ Rajikaru [2009.03.24].avi *RAW

• 174mb
• Megaupload (single file) and Mediafire (split in 2)

Download here

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