March 28th, 2009


two translations and a wallpaper

lately I can't post long journals in livejournals, I don't understand why... so in the meanwhile, a few days ago I posted two translation on my other blog (vox), so here's the link to those... enjoyyy...

HERE: Translation – Duet 2007.04 ARASHIZM – Sho-kun – Tokyo Book Traveler

HERE: translation - 2007 April DUET – Aiba-chan


And also, did a veeerryyyy simple wallpaper, from the cute scribbly writing: HAPPINESS...

arashi → ohno → wet unf

[MOD POST] Reminder - Video Posts

Seeing as this has been happening a lot, and I do not have the time to catch every single post to the community like this, I want to remind you all of the video post rules (and ones that usually apply to such posts as well):

& Images that are wider than 300px or 300px tall, must be placed behind an LJ-cut as well. If you do not use an LJ-cut even upon others' requests, the post will be deleted. ~ this applies to video previews as well.

& No posts linking to a friends locked post/community, UNLESS that journal/community is a sub group/sub journal/translation journal. Posts will be deleted if they do not follow this rule. ~I've been seeing this happen more and more. Do not link to locked posts, and if you DO plan on locking the post within a certain time frame (which is normal with several upload groups), please MAKE NOTE in the post.

& Any post containing the phrase "Mods, if this is not allowed, please delete!" or any variation will be DELETED. This shows us you haven't read the rules and just don't care. ~I WILL delete posts with this, without notice.

& All weekly videos such as Arashi no Shukudai-kun, Himitsu no Arashi-chan and VS Arashi (as well as weekly dramas) will now be posted in a Master post each week on the day they air. One of the mods will post the master post, and uploaders can comment to the post with their links and it will be updated with credit. ~Even though I'm not always here to post Master Posts, there are a group of people who kindly stood up to the plate and volunteered to do it. Please check those posts and if you have links you'd like to share, please comment with them instead of making a new post.

& All video upload posts must contain the following: File Format, Size, Upload Site, Full File/Split and ONE non-spoiler screencap. All of this must be included in the post onto [info]a_ra_shi, even if the files themselves are on your personal journal. ~ This is the important one for this post, and I actually just realized that this had somehow gotten omitted from the rules when I redid the profile. PLEASE make sure you are following this rule.

For new members of the community, please make sure you read the rules before posting. :) Thank you!