April 25th, 2009

sho dorky III

[Master Post] VS Arashi #53

File: VS Arashi #53
Air Date: 2009.04.25
File Size: 174mb/326MB
File Type: .WMV/.AVI
Guest: Nishikawa Ayako and Higedanshaku
File Servers: 174mb - MU (Single), Filesend (Single) | 326MB - MF (Split)
Original File: 174MB - Arashi Style 326MB - Chaix2



Single Files~
MU (please help download this file as well to help our uploader, gwen_xp. For reason, please read this)


Split Files~

[.001] [.002] [.003] [.004] Thank you arashixdream!

Join files using HJSplit! :)


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