April 30th, 2009


Going to Japan! Please help!

Hi everyone! Gotta a question, more like a cry for help here.

Suddenly I was given the oportunity of doing research exchange in Japan for one month. But I have to choose between going now in July or in January 2010.

I have dreamt of going to Japan for many years now, and finally my time has come! But going to Japan and not seeing a Arashi concert (10th year!!) would be really frustrating... So, I know the dates aren't out yet, but what the old fans think? When would be most probably to me to attend a concert? (based on their past concert schedules... or not, since it's their 10th year and they might do something completely different).

(I'm also aware that mostly their concerts are in August-September... but since they still haven't announced the dates, I was wondering...)

Please, any help would be very appreciated. I don't know when will I be able to go to Japan again and I REALLY wanna see Arashi live! (as I'm sure everyone do.)

Just for you know, I'm applying for universities in Tokyo, Chiba and Tsukuba. I have never traveled abroad and I'm feeling a little lost, so anyone who lives in/or has gone to Japan and would like to help with anything, I would very much like to talk to you!!

Thanks in advance!
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MatsuJun's stalking mission..

i never realized i am a real stalker!! haha~

everyone knows who Matsujun is.. he loves accessories and his collection of jewelleries might be more than mine..
his fashion sense sometimes doesn't make sense to me..even his my ichiban, i will scream to him, "OMG! what the heck are you wearing Jun!!!" but it is a undeniable fact that he will loook so DAMN GOOD with anything he wear!!! even the bird nest might be so fashionable when he wear that!!XDD

n something that i noticed over my obsession n fandoms over MatsuJun for the past 3 yrs, I realized that he intend to wear the same accessories whether in photoshoot, concert, performances, talk show....i wonder, maybe they're his fav things..such as his rugged skeleton ring, the beads bangle, green necklace, his hats n etc..

therefore, here i present to you what in his closet stalked by me, obsessed Jun's fangirl!!

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