May 18th, 2009

  • yuhhi


I'm a Japanese fan of  ARASHI.

I know  ARASHI PERU is now gathering signatures for the international fan club of ARASHI.
I think that's very nice idea and I want to support it.

So I began to gather signatures in JAPAN.

I think it's effective gathering signatures in Japan because Japanese media will get to know that there are many ARASHI fans in the world.

Please sign for the international fan club of ARASHI.


☆the way to sign☆

1.Please Click  [今すぐ署名する](I will sign right now)

2.Please write

[お名前](name or nickname)by full-size characters.
[メールアドレス](e-mail address)※
[年齢](age)by halfl-size characters.
[性別](the distinction of sex) choose 男性(man)or女性(woman)
[都道府県](address) choose 海外(foreign countries)
and write your nationality and message in [コメント].

※ The site will not let me (or other persons) know your mail address.

3.Please Click[確認画面に進む](go to the screen for confirmation )

4.[上に表示された画像の数字を入力してください] (Input  above numbers )

5.Please Click[送信する](send your signature )

6.The site will send you an e-mail.In 24 hours click the URL in the mail.