May 24th, 2009


Aiba In Indonesia Subbed

Hi Minna~~~Now I want to share my work... ^^
I'm sooo amateur but I really want to try this...
so here I subbed Aiba in Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen...
And I'd like to share it with all of you.. ^^
Also both English and Japanese aren't my mother language, so.... I'm so sorry if you find something wrong... m(_ _)m
Corrections are so loved... But don't say harsh things okay? m(_ _)m

See how Aiba got surrounded by Elephants!!! And Let's hear Aiba's lullaby...
he's sooooooo funny!!!! Really....
Also, I got this raw long time ago, I tried to dig up old files on Arashi Community, but seemed like I can't find the uploader,
so everyone, if you know who had uploaded this or maybe it's you....
tell me okay? I'll give you a proper credit!!!! really!!!!

Download Here

[Master Post] VS Arashi #57

Sorry for the delay! Had a busy busy day.

File: VS Arashi #57
Air Date: 2009.05.23
File Size: 330mb
File Type: .avi
Guest: Yamamoto Tarou and Kanda Uno
File Servers: MF(Split) and MU (Split)
Original File: chaix2



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[.001] [.002] [.003] [.004] Uploaded by arashixdream Thank you!

[.001] [.002] [.003] [.004] Uploaded by saobang2211 Thank you!

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