May 30th, 2009

gorgeous jun

Ashita no Kioku pv karaoke subbed [non-vocal]

okay... there are so many fans out there already has subbed this pv.. therefore, i'm thinking there's no purpose for me to do it so~
demo ne, i just found out how to make karaoke subbed..i'm so jealous of people who can do it!! n i'm so happy finally i finally can make it too!
yays!! even it really looked like an amateur (i wanna make the more aggressive n fancy.~ shud learn more~)~

n i did it without Arashi's vocal in it..for those who wanna sings the song by yourself but still wanna watch their 'kakkoiness' glares and figures, douzou~~ click HQ for better view ^_^

romanization and translation by saladesu  thank you so much for sharing this!! *kisses*
subbed by missa_niera 

download link @  my lj

[Master Post] VS Arashi #58

I'll be flying off to Japan later, so I thought I should put this up first. :)

As usual, links would be appreciated! :)

File: VS Arashi #58
Air Date: 2009.05.30
File Size: 330mb
File Type: .avi
Guest: Harisenbon :)))
File Servers: mf (split) mu (single/split)
Original File: chaix2



Single Files~

MU Uploaded by saobang2211 Thank you!

Split Files~

MF: [.001] [.002] [.003] [.004] Uploaded by arashixdream THANK YOU

MU: [.001] [.002] [.003] [.004] Uploaded by saobang2211 THANK YOU

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