June 6th, 2009

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[MASTER POST] The Quiz Show Episode 08

The Quiz Show - Episode 08
Air Date: 2009.06.06
File Size: Varies by Quality


♦ Credit: d-addicts; (704x396), 771mb
MU & MF Links thanks to arashixdream @ arashixdream.com

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I know I am a bit early to post this (TQS hasn´t aired yet^_^) but I don´t want to forget this post and I am leaving for the weekend in around 1 hour so here it is :)
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[Master Post] VS Arashi #59

File: VS Arashi #59
Air Date: 2009.06.06
File Size: 329mb
File Type: .avi
Guest: Black Mayonnaise
File Servers: MU (Single, Split) MF (Split)
Original File: Chaix2


Single Files~
MU Thank you arashixdream!

Split Files~

MF: [.001] [.002] [.003] [.004] Thank you arashixdream!

MU: [.001] [.002] [.003] [.004] Thank you saobang2211!

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