June 27th, 2009

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we're all mad here: Arashi fandom comment fest...thing.


WHAT? Have you read a fic that you really loved? Seen a fanvid that you adore? Graphics, pictures, gifs, movie clips, anything? Do you really like Jun's pants? This is about all the awesome things you've found in the Arashi fandom lately. Just share anything you thought was brilliant and deserves to get noticed.

I've apparently gone insane and am providing a place for everyone to come and spam about Arashi and this fandom and what is great about it. It's not a meme, exactly. It's a happy-making place. (yes, totally a valid word; happy-making. ;P) It's going to be open for at least this whole weekend and hopefully will be full of sparkles and rainbows. Come and talk to people, meet new fans. Share the love.

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VS Arashi #62 Summary

This week's VS Arashi summary has just been posted here. If any of you are like me, you've been looking forward to this episode with Toma as the guest! Lots of fun stuff in this episode, like Matsumoto Jun finally getting to meet his dai-senpai...Matsumoto Jun! Also, if Toma is in the middle, Sho is the bottom of the bottom of the bottom? I definitely recommend checking out this week's episode!

As usual, a reminder that this is just a summary, not a translation, and my Japanese skills are obviously lacking. Feel free to friend arashi_tracker or join arashi_track to follow my weekly updates!
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[Master Post] VS Arashi #62

File: VS Arashi #62
Air Date: 2009.06.27
File Size: 286mb/338mb/392mb/440mb
File Type: .avi
Guest: Ikuta Toma, Matsumoto Jun, Kato Ai
File Servers: MU (single, all; split, 338mb), MF (split, 338mb)
Original File: arashipspbox@cb(286mb & 392mb)/chaix2 (338mb)/aromahyang@cb (440mb)


Single Files~

286mb: MU Thank you cariad_82! (please change the file extension from .abc)

440mb: MU Thank you cariad_82! (please change the file extension from .abc)

392mb: MU Thank you cariad_82! (please change the file extension from .abc)

338mb: MU Thank you arashixdream!

Split Files~

MF: [.001] [.002] [.003] [.004] Thank you arashixdream!

MU: [.001] [.002] [.003] [.004] Thank you saobang2211!

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