July 5th, 2009


I'M BACK!! Translation Arashi Discovery 2009.06.15 - 2009.07.02

Hi, everyone!! I'm finally back with a bunch of Arashi Discovery translations~ ^o^
Here are the links to each translation in my LJ:

AD 2009.06.15 HERE
AD 2009.06.16 HERE
AD 2009.06.17 HERE
AD 2009.06.18 HERE
AD 2009.06.19 HERE

AD 2009.06.22 HERE
AD 2009.06.23 HERE
AD 2009.06.24 HERE
AD 2009.06.25 HERE
AD 2009.06.26 HERE

AD 2009.06.29 HERE
AD 2009.06.30 HERE
AD 2009.07.01 HERE
AD 2009.07.02 HERE

Riidaa was so cuteee~~~ <33 (as always)

Utaban subtitled


Here's Utaban subtitled (the recent episode where Sakurai gets bullied and the boys sing "Everything"...), and uploaded onto YouSendIt for better quality. You can find it here.

Btw. I am not a Toma hardcore fan *pouts* I just happen to like Arashi a lot >_<

Ohno Megane

YATTERMAN Canadian Premiere in Montreal -- Fan meet-up?

Hi everyone,

I don't know how many of you live in Montreal or nearby, but I was checking out the website for Fantasia, Montreal's Asian Film Festival, and lo and behold -- YATTERMAN is the first film on the list!!! It's the opening film for the festival!! Congrats to Sho-kun, Takashi Miike, and the rest of the cast!


Screening Times:
Concordia Hall Theatre
1455 de Maisonneuve O. (Metro Guy-Concordia)
* July 9th, 2009 * • * 6:30 pm *
* July 14th, 2009 * • * 3:00 pm *

The movie is Japanese-language with English subtitles.
Tickets go on sale July 7th at 1PM, for $8.00 CAN
(more info on how to get tickets on the site)

For those Canucks that couldn't make it to New York (or if you want to see it twice!), I am suggesting that we have a fan meet!! I am new to Montreal and would love to make some Arashi friends :)

Collapse )

For anyone that lives outside of Montreal that can guarantee that they'll attend (Toronto/Ontario people? Americans with cars?), email me, and if you can Paypal me the money I'd be happy to secure you a ticket.

See you there?

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Finding an Arashi site.

Awhile ago I found a website/forum that allowed me to order JE goods online. You placed the orders through a forum. I ordered a bunch of Arashi stuff. Since then I've had to reinstall firefox and lost my bookmarks and can't find the website again. Can someone help me. Maybe you know the website I'm thinking of?

Thank you in advance.

- Raye

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if you have facebook ^.^

Hello, everyone!!

i got permission to post this ad from the mods (thank you~ ^_^) a while ago, so here we go!

on facebook, i made a group called "嵐 [A*RA*SHI] fans in the USA". it is steadily growing and we have 190 members! but, i know that there are even MORE arashi fangirls and fanboys living in the US! i would just love to meet, chat/flail with, and become friends with them!

so, please~ ^__^ if you have facebook, please join my group, write on the wall with your state & your favorite arashi member, INVITE your other arashi fans in the USA, and let's unite together and bask in the glory of our favorite boys. haha.

so, here's the link:

and thank you very much!! <3