July 9th, 2009


Complete Arashi Discography - MF and 4shared

This post includes;

All of Arashi's albums and singles
The new single 'Everything'! Which is amazing by the way :3
Arashi's limited release of the song they wrote together for their 5th anniversary, 'Sketch'.

I saw that the complete discography hadn't been uploaded to MF or 4shared and put into one neat post, so I took the liberty. Click cartoon Arashi for download links~

Unraring instructions~


All the lyrics and song names have been converted to it's romaji equivalent, because I can't read Japanese (kanji anyway). Sorry if you preferred it with the original Japanese names~ And in case you were wondering, you don't have to ask permission to post these links somewhere else. But it would be nice if you told me if you are going to. :3

translation - Potato August 2009

POTATO August 2009

Only the part about [Everything] PV shooting and about their latest news, and the question number 4 (Q.4) simply because I laughed out loud when I read Riidaa’s answer, it’s an obvious answer, knowing him, but still… LOL

And also question number 5 (Q.5), I picked it randomly just because I still have a little time before I leave home for work LOL.



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