July 20th, 2009


Question regarding Arashi Concerts in Sapporo

Hi Everyone ^^ I was wondering if I could solicit some opinions from those who have gone to Arashi's concerts...

My sister and I are going to Japan from November 5 through 19. We were just going to do Tokyo and Kyoto and nearby cities and weren't planning on going to Hokkaido at all. BUT since we heard Arashi will be having a concert in Sapporo, we are trying to rearrange our schedule to fit it in. It's getting a little hectic though (money wise and time wise) since we are flying into Narita (we already bought our airplane tickets) and were originally going to work our way from Tokyo to Kyoto and back to Narita. Now it seems we have to go from Narita Airport to Kyoto (via train or another flight) and then work our way to Tokyo in order to fit Sapporo in. Essentially, it seems our time in Tokyo will be cut short a bit and I was just wondering if this is really worth it? Another thing is, regardless if I am even able to get concert tickets, I still have to book/plan to go to Sapporo.

I guess I wanted to see if people thought I was crazy doing all this lol what people thought. I am sure it is worth it to see Arashi, but is there even a chance that I could get to see them in Sapporo? Is it difficult to get tickets to Sapporo concerts via scalpers or from other fans the day of (if yahoo auctions doesn't work out for me)? Especially since it's their 10 year anniversary? I've been planning to go to Japan for ages, but I have absolutely always wanted to see an Arashi concert too. This is just so confusing T_T Any help/opinions would be appreciated :) Thanks!

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