July 23rd, 2009

松本潤 首

[Translation] Myojo 05/2009 [Sho, Ohno, Jun]

I'm finished with the Arashi article in the 05/2009 issue of Myojo. This entry has Jun, Sho and Ohno's parts in it. Sho talks about school and hanging out with people during his productions. Ohno actually doesn't talk about fishing for once talks about being relaxed, and about a diary he used to keep. Jun talks about being shy in high school and his past taste in music. If you want to read it GO HERE!!!!

My other entry with Nino and Aiba's part is HERE!!!
Ohno_Puppy nose

Translation: Myojo 2009.08

Translation of Myojo Aug 2009! It's a very long quiz (59questions) XD

Sho's first girlfriend is from which country? :p
Ohno's favourite home cooked dish is?
Do you know which shirt MatsuJun would choose?
Nino's dog is called?
Aiba's favourite drink is?

Can you answer these questions?

Take the quiz HERE!!!