August 20th, 2009


Sharing: Japanese Graffiti IX - feat. Arashi songs


Not sharing scans this time, but a music piece.

I am positively sure that this hasn't been shared yet, although not really directly related to Arashi, but NEW SOUNDS IN BRASS FEATURED ARASHI SONGS!!!! If you are in the Orchestra or the Band industry, you guys would know that having songs played by Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra is a HAPPY EVENT AND WE SHOULD BE PROUD OF ARASHI THAT THEIR SONGS ARE BEING PLAYED BY TKWO!! (:

Anyway, if you are a pro band/orchestra + arashi fan, THIS LINK IS A MUST CLICK: LINK
Even if you are not someone who plays in the band/orchestra, it would be nice to listen Japanese Graffiti! I feel that this song is very nicely arranged and of course VERY WELL PLAYED BY TKWO!! (:

Hope you all give it a listen! (:
*I think this should be allowed....*