August 27th, 2009

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Murakami Shingo set to star with Aiba Masaki in My Girl

Murakami Shingo of Kanjani∞ will play a supporting character in Aiba Masaki's first lead drama, My Girl. He will play the daycare teacher where Masamune's (Aiba's character) daughter Koharu stays at. His character's name will be Shibata Tomoya.

There are more details on My Girl's OHP (see source 2) and the comments of Aiba and Hina upon knowing they'll be co-stars.

source 1 source 2

it was initially rumored to be tsubasa of tackey and tsubasa but then changed into hina and now it's confirmed!copyrightcopyright
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Mod Post - Concert Reports

With Kokuritsu kicking off the first leg of the 5 x 10 anniversary concert tour, I'd like to take a moment to remind people of a few issues of decorum regarding concert reports.

It's understandable that you are excited to be able to see Arashi live in concert, especially for their 10th anniversary, BUT, you must also understand that a vast majority of the English-speaking fandom will not have this opportunity. Some of them may see your report as "rubbing it in". And while I understand that this is NOT (and should not be) the purpose of your report, some may view it that way. Respect for those in fandom who cannot make it should be key when deciding if you should post your report to the community or not.

I for one enjoy reading well-written concert reports. Key word there is well-written.

A concert report is an account of the events you saw at the concert, including (sometimes) set lists, major events, funny events, the stage set ups, how long waits were, etc.

A concert report is NOT a flaily recount of how so and so member looked at you ONLY the entire concert and is going to run off and marry you.

Yes, should a member flash you a peace sign or wave at you, by all means, let us know! It gives hope to fans that they might make contact with their idols.

Please, also remember that not everyone shares your same favorite idol, so if you do plan on posting a concert report to the comm, try to be at least a little unbiased? Showing favoritism is completely fine (my eyes would probably be glued to Nino anyway, but I'd still want to see the other members), but try not to make it a One-Member concert report?

Keep in mind that what you post/link to the community is for everyone to read, so readable English is definitely preferred. PLEASE, if you have a concert report in another language (I've noticed recently that our Spanish-speaking fanbase has multiplied considerably), please post it, but let everyone know the primary language of the post.

In no way am I saying not to post your con report here - we welcome it! All I'm asking is that you think before you post and you show respect for those who may not want to read them. Con reports can be insanely long, so please also remember to CUT your posts with an lj cut and also to hide spoilers (and post spoiler warnings), because there are some people who may be going who do not wish to be spoiled with set lists/details.

Despite my quickly approaching wedding, I will be popping in here regularly to check on the comm and to delete any posts that are offensive or that simply belong more on your regular journal than the community.

I will also be adding a tag to the community for sharing concert reports.

Thank you for reading and look forward to some announcements (including a contest) regarding the community in the coming months!

EDITED because I am slightly dumb today and forgot an entire sentence that makes a ton more sense now. -___-''