September 12th, 2009


5 x 10 hongkong version

In case anybody interested, just get an email all the best complete selection (3CD)
is in stock at play asia here : All the Best! 1999-2009 [Complete Selection 3CD] (Arashi) Hong Kong version
its waaayy more cheap (only US$ 22.9).

btw, this one already sold out at yesasia (HK and korea version), and i dont see they mention anything about booklet for this version.
Arashi Ohno

Con Report: Arashi Anniversary Tour 5x10 - Kokuritsu 8/28

I've posted this as two separate parts in another comm, but now I re-edited it into one gigantic con report. It has taken me almost two weeks to write this, so it's VERY long, but if you're interested in reading... xD

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(cell phone pics of the empty stadium included!)

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P.S. A word of caution to anyone flying overseas with the radish pack concert goods:Collapse )