September 28th, 2009


Translation - Arashi Discovery 2009.09.15 - 2009.09.23

I've been missing for two whole weeks, hiatus for work and then for holiday~ so I miss a lot of things!!!
And the Arashi Discovery translations are maybe a bit late for update, and you might already read another version of AD translations, but since I've translated it, so I posted them anyway (LOL)
Anyway, follow the links to the translations~ :D

2009.09.15 - 2009.09.18 HERE
2009.09.21 HERE - riidaa ate pear~XD
2009.09.22 HERE - tyrannosaurus~!
2009.09.23 HERE - about the DVD

Will try to catch up until the recent AD soon XDD~!
For the meanwhile, enjoy!!

[MASTER POST] Arashi no Shukudai-kun #154

File: Arashi no Shukudai-kun #154
Date: 2009.09.28
size:  347 MB
File Type: wmv/.avi
File Servers: Single File MU, Split File MU/MF
Original File Credit:  chaix2


Single File:

  Mu - uploaded by arashixdream (thanks u)



Split File:

  Mf - uploaded by arashixdream (thanks u)

Comment as always with your links and I'll add them as they appear ^^