October 1st, 2009


[translations] 091003 TV LIFE - Aiba, Hina and others!

A bunch of stuff that accumulated~
0910 WU Dengonban and Offshots (Arashi/Koichi/Eito/Uchi&Yaracchi/NEWS/KAT-TUN)
090802 - FLASH BAGS (#209, Okamoto Kenichi's jweb, Nino)
0910 Duet - Offshots (Arashi, Toma, EbiKisu, NEWS, Uchi)
090914 - Wagahai wa Shige de Aru (#26, Oh-chan)
090918 TV Japan - Aiba (before My Girl)
091003 TV LIFE - Aiba, Hina (during My Girl filming)
...and did I mention how excited I am for that drama coming up XD?
Nice Sho!

Sho's Radio Program

Hi everyone, I was just checking Johnny's Net and noticed a change in the "Radio" section of Arashi's page. It looks like it hasn't been brought up here yet, so I thought I'd post to let everyone know.

Sho will be having a radio program on 10/12 on J-WAVE from 18:00 - 19:54 called "ART OF WORDS~櫻井翔の「おくのほそ道」" (Art of words~ Sakurai Sho's "Oku no Hosomichi") Oku no Hosomichi is the title of a famous book of poetry by Matsuo Basho. I'm interested to hear what this program will be about. And since Sho hasn't been doing any radio for a while I thought everyone might like to know about it.