November 9th, 2009

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[scans] Barfout 2006-08

Back with an oldie but definitely a goody: Barfout 2006-08 feat. Arashi!

This is one of my all time favorite shoots and when a friend of mine was selling her copy I jumped on the chance.

The scans that are hovering around for this one (at least that I've found) are not of the greatest quality. :/


Resolution: 600dpi
Height: 2500px
Width: Varies, ranging between high 1700 to 1800's depending on the crop.
Server: Personal

These scans are located here on my arashi fansite. You can preview the image in a lightbox by simply clicking on it. To download, click the small save icon below each image. No registration to the site is required, but it's recommended to receive the best updates. :)

Some of my older scans can be found there as well, and I'm working on reuploading them all. :)

Note: If you head to the "PVs" section of the site, you'll find a treat in the form of a HQ version of the My Girl pv! :)

Sakurai Sho's new dorama in January~!!


With Sakurai Sho as the lead roleee!!
Co-starring with Horikita Maki.

I'll post more information on it later here ---> SHO'SNEWDORAMA
I have to get to school right now! >____<

I have posted for more info about this dorama and related stuff on my post~!!
Click the link above for more! ↑↑↑


P.S Gomenasai! I dont know what I'm suppose to tag this as!
But I just wanted to let everyone know! ^___^