November 18th, 2009


Best Intro to Arashi Clip?

I'm at my wits end and I'm hoping my fellow Arashi fans can help me out here!

I recently got married and am thinking about the best way to introduce my husband to my Arashi obsession. He kinda had an idea about it before we got married, but I haven't really shown him any of their stuff just yet. Since Arashi is a big part of my life (lol) I'd like for him to know what they are about, and hopefully in time, get him to watch them with me!

I'm looking for a clip that I can show him that really captures the essence of who Arashi is... so something really funny, something which shows their baka side. I've thought about scenes from AnS, Odoroki or classic A or G no Arashi, but I'm having trouble pinpointing a really good intro clip.

Any suggestions of what clip would be a good "first look" at Arashi? Thanks in advance!