November 20th, 2009

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Voting! The 2009 Layout Contest

First of all, thank you to everyone who entered. We've got some great entries and I'm really excited to start the voting.

For each category, please only vote once. Any duplicate votes will be disqualified.

Now, on to the layouts!

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When voting, please format your vote like this:

Layout: # of Entry
Profile: # of Entry
Header: # of Entry

Remember, you don't have to vote for a matching profile layout even if that's the journal layout you voted for! Feel free to mix and match if you prefer a different combination. (also, just because a layout and profile entry number match up DOES NOT mean that they were made by the same creator).

Comments to this post are screened, meaning only the maintainers of the community can view your comments.

Voting will be open until Friday, November 27th at Midnight EST. That gives you a week to vote!

We're looking forward to seeing how this turns out! :)
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DUET December 2009 - Round table Arashi (all links)

FINALLY. I've done up the entire interview of Round Table Arashi from the December issue of DUET magazine, in 5 separate parts.

Check them out at my LJ:

Part 1 - The Fashion Leader of Arashi
Part 2 - My underwear is a present too.
Part 3 - A peacock??!!
Part 4 - It was rather painful for you, wasn't it?
Part 5 - It sure is bewitching!