November 30th, 2009

Ohno's radio show(updated on a daily basis)


I will be uploading Ohno's radio show on my blog here on a daily basis, so please go here if you wish to download it. This will be the last post from me regarding Ohno's radio show as I think the moderators will get angry with me if I post daily as well, so please check my blog if you wish to download the program. Thanks.

P.S: I will be uploading on a daily basis except under special circumstances, ie. I am unable to tune in to the program for some unknown reasons
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Translation - Wink Up Message Board - August 2004

I don't think I've ever shared my translations at this community before. So if you haven't seen them, I've been doing lots of translations of Wink Up's message boards which you can find indexed here. :)

The latest one is from the August 2004 issue, which features messages from Nino and Jun and messages to Nino and Ohno. The rest of the messages from other JE members are there too if you're interested.

Go here to read! And I apologize in advance if you're in lots of JE communities and see this more than once on your flist.