December 12th, 2009

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Yuckie-chan's List

I'm sure I'm not the only one who noticed that yuckie_chan's list was locked for quite some time. Good news, though, for those who haven't noticed it yet: the list is back, but now it's here at we_make_storm. :D Time to update our bookmarks!

For those who aren't aware, yuckie_chan's list is a list of basically every subbed Arashi video ever, to the point where, if it's not on the list, it probably doesn't exist. It is, in my opinion, the single most useful resource in English-speaking Arashi fandom. Looks like it's being maintained by several people now.

On the same subject, a reminder that I made this post of important fandom links a while ago, for those who haven't seen it. Of course, this is an even more comprehensive list. We Arashi fans have a lot of great resources out there. :D
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MORE Oct 2009 - The Scenery as Seen by Arashi - Ninomiya Kazunari

While his acting skills have been highly rated by world famous producers and directors, Nino claims that everything stemmed from the work that Arashi received. "It wasn't like I particularly sought out acting" A self-proclaimed Arashi's No. 1 fan, he freely demonstrates his love for Arashi as though he's married to the group.

"We're really just a bunch of regular older brothers who happen to take really good looking photos."