December 25th, 2009


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Uhh, I don't usually post questions and such but I really want to know something..

What show where Arashi on where they made Ohno, Jun, and Aiba do a love-triangle skit? (Something like, Jun and Aiba was "going out" but turns out, Aiba has been cheating on Jun with Ohno. In the end, Aiba chose Sho lol.)

I've seen the clip once or twice but I can't find it anymore so I'm hoping someone can help.
Judging by Sho's hair, I'd say it's around the time they released Jidai (late 2001 maybe?)

I think the show was Shounen Club but I'm not too sure so I just need some clarification and the episode number and date would be nice too.

Oh, and for a little help, I still have a screencap of a scene:

(sorry, I don't think that was much help)

Oh, and I'm not looking for the subbed one, RAW is fine but subbed would be better :D
Thanks in advance!
Arashi Smiley

[streaming] arashi on MSSL 12.25.2009 - EDIT: pre-MSSL clip & intro-closing added

merry christmas everyone! :) (and happy birthday aiba-chan!)
what a great way to celebrate christmas and see arashi do a medley on MSSL! ^_^

as always, their BELIEVE performance was awesome beyond words <3

enjoy! :)

credit to mmaturi897

EDIT: pre-MSSL clip added
            opening and closing by [info]ytec304