January 3rd, 2010


Arashi International Fans Map Project


Hi everyone! ^^

My name is Pam ^-^ and I’ve been thinking about doing the project for arashi for a while but don't know what to do. After checking on the arashi project we have done, mostly is on the regional basis and when I saw my friend (Lisa) who have worked on her 2PM project recently that came to my thought that this should be the good project, to show the boys how much they’re loved from fans around the!!

What I will do is mostly the same of what my friend did (look like this), I will purchase the world wall map, the biggest size I can find. Then I will fill the map with heart-shaped stickers to show where all the fans are from. Hope that when they see the map, they’ll know that they really do have fans around the world lol 

My friend made the hearts and wrote "I ♥ 2PM" on each sticker out by hand. I think I will leave that to the suggestion/opinion what we gonna write on the stickers, or else write I ♥ ARASHI / 嵐 to keep the original idea.

Well, I hope of doing this as a present for Sho on his birthday but then I think it's more of the love for arashi and not solely for only Sho, plus the time limit. Hence, this map project will be a present for arashi on Valentine's Day ;D (if we can manage) The maps will be rolled up and sent in mailing tubes.

Further information and what you need to do please ( read here )