January 20th, 2010

Arashi bus

NYC karaoke get-together for SAKURAI SHO's 28th birthday!

As many already know, January 25th is Sakurai Sho's 28th birthday!

I thought it would be fun to have a little karaoke fun to celebrate as well as for some fangirling. Many people probably have already started school or still soon start school, so instead of the Monday of his birthday, I wanted to arrange it for the Sunday before. Besides, it would be Monday in Japan anyway!

Date: January 24th 2010 SUNDAY
Time: 1PM - 8PM
(You don't need to stay for the whole time)
Where: Karaoke Box DUET 48
Any questions?

There will be cake! I will try to get a get and pray that it makes it to the trip to the karaoke place, haha. Also, feel free to bring any fangirl goodies! Just enjoy ourselves with singing and fun!

If you are looking to attending please tell me, I would like to reserve a karaoke room by this Friday. Thanks!

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