February 13th, 2010

二宮 » snark-o-vision

ArashiforStream - Ontama Christmas SP (subbed)

Introducing you to a fresh style of subbing community - arashiforstream is commemorating our initial release, while proving it's never too early for Christmas! We are a subbing group, dedicated to providing you with subtitled streaming media!

Our first release is the Ontama Christmas Special from 2008. On this special, Arashi talks about their personal Christmas traditions. (Chicken and cake?!) They also reminisce over their single releases throughout 2008. Why does it take so long for them to film a PV? Aiba would tell you its not his fault~ All this, plus Ohno playing a bunch of random games with weird titles. His frustrated face is adorable.

Watch these antics and more by visiting this post in our community! (Members Locked, but just join and you're in!)