February 20th, 2010

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Arashi's Consultation Room for Life's Problems! (1/?)

I came home from school today, only to stumble on the newest corner of HnA. It was intriguing to see Arashi’s perspective on life’s problems (as presented by Ishida Jun’ichi) and the boys really surprised me with their answers! Prizes for guessing who’s ranked first! (and last!)

Nino's pic graces this cap because I like how he looks when he's analyzing something.

"In your excitement, PLEASE, DO NOT get violent!"

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Sho in Pia EX

CDJapan sent an email to Arashi fans :)
Shochan on the cover of Pia EX Henshubu!! Long interview on Gachibaka? and maybe the Olympics?

Pia EX Henshubu / Sho Sakurai / Dong Bang Shin Ki/Pia EX2010 April Issue [Cover] Sho Sakurai [Feature] Dong Bang Shin Ki & Kazuya Kamenashi (KAT-TUN)  BOOK
533 yen US$6/92.83  Release Date:2010/02/23
Description:[Cover Feature] Sho Sakurai long interview (9 pages) [Features] Dong Bang Shin Ki, Kazuya Kamenashi (KAT-TUN) interview
URL - http://cdjapan.jp/d.html?KEY=NEOBK-719074