February 24th, 2010

  • kk223

Arashi wins 10 Gold Disc Awards!

For the first time ever in Japanese Gold Disc Taisho history, 10 awards were given to Arashi!!

Summary/Translation of the articles:

For the 24th Japanese Gold Disc Awards, Arashi was given 10 awards. This Award is given annually to artists with the biggest sales of CDs. Arashi sold 1.77 million albums and 2.44 million singles. Leader, Matsujun, and Aibachan showed up at the reception/press conference. Leader commented "This does not feel real. It's not a dream, right? I want to celebrate this with members."

Arashi received the "Artist of the Year (Japanese artists" Award for the first time. Leader also commented "Nippon GOld Disc Taisho Artist of the Year. I never thought that these words would come out of MY mouth. I really appreciate it." Aibachan also commented "I believe all of the little things allowed us to accomplish and receive this award." Matsujun commented "For 2010, ALl five of us want to work together and make it a year greater than this award."

The other awards they received were for singles within the top five. Four of their singles "Believe/Kumori nochi..." etc. Also as well as two of the Top 3 Best Music Video awards were Arashi's.

Aibachan made a funny comment saying that "All of these awards are truly the result of all the fans who purchased our CDs and DVDs. This award was achieved by all of our fans. Let's give these away in a lottery." Lol.

For foreign music, Artist of the Year Award was given to the Beatles, so Matsujun said "I love the Beatles-san. I really feel honored that I received the same award as them."

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