March 15th, 2010

Ohno n Sho

Baystorm 7th March 2010

Transcription: Chika-san || Translations: Denise_Dinc

「最高級のスマイル!」“The best of smiles!”

えーっと…Troublemakerのタイトルからは想像も出来ないぐらい多くのメッセージがこめられていて大好きになりました、と。特にニノから…ん?ニノのソロから始まる「散々な日も 最高級のスマイル」のところがとても気に入っています。どんな辛いことがあっても笑顔で乗り切るそんな強さを持てたらいいですね、と、いうことですよ。
Umm… There were so many messages that one cannot even imagine from the title of “Troublemaker” stating how they came to like this song. Especially that thing from Nino… hm? From the beginning of Nino’s solo part “sanzan na hi mo, saikyoukyuu no sumairu”, I like it very much. No matter how much pain I’m going through I can ride on smiles and have courage, it’s good like that. This person said so.

We got Silver and Bronze medals for Speed Skate. Though people said things like it’s a hallmark revival. I see, STBY also said there are lots of messages like that for “Troublemaker”, yes there are. 3rd of March… Yes, the DVD of “Tengoku de Kimi ni Aetara (If I could meet you in heaven)” is also out. That drama is good! I love it. Yes, makes me feel like I want to watch it again and again, that drama. Really, now since it’s out on the same date (as “Troublemaker”) everyone please check it out.

♪ by yuupan. Troublemaker

(Nino talking about Acting as a girl, Kaibutsu-kun, and souvenir from Sho-kun)

Ohno n Sho

ARASHI DISCOVERY 15th March 2010

今日はメイクの問題です。Today’s question is on make-up.

Ah, so today I’ll be having such a make-up. Yes, there are lotsa make-ups for “Kaibutsu-kun”! So, when you’re doing make-up there’s this small mirror with a handle, what is that called?

次の三つの中から選んで下さい。Please choose from the following three:

  1. てかがみ tekagami
  2. うしろがみ ushirogami
  3. あぶらとりがみ aburatorigami

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Arashi ☂ 嵐 Are you Happy?

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Ohno n Sho

[DUET April '10] Arashi On/Off switch: Ohno Satoshi

Scan credits watermarked. Scan directly linked back to source page, if you are in her vox neighbourhood you should be able to see it. I’m biased, so I will only be doing Ohchan’s ハート by tsuna0605.

In what timing will you switch to became Ohno Satoshi of Arashi?
That thing called 'switch’, I don’t get it. I’ve never done it on purpose. I am just my usual self. Perhaps it’s better that I change this attitude?

Do you switch consciously while working and in private?
I guess I don’t really do it on purpose. But I’ve always been told that I’m very different, the feeling I give off during live performances compared to how I am usually… Is that so? I don’t know that myself (laugh). Really it’s not like it’s something I do on purpose to switch to that mode. If that’s different from my usual self, I guess that’s not too bad either (laugh).

Before concerts, other than the group ring your form together, is there anything else which you do to switch your mood? 
I take deep breaths. Right before I perform. “May everything end smoothly with no one getting hurt, and no accidents happening” I think about that in my heart while I take deep breaths. That’s about it.

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