March 22nd, 2010

Ohno n Sho

ARASHI DISCOVERY 22nd March 2010

今日は「怪物くん」の問題です。Today’s question is on “Kaibutsu-kun”.

かーいかいかい 愉快痛快 怪物くんは 怪物ランドの♪
Ka-ikaikai yukaitsuukai kaibutsu-kun wa kabutsu-rando no♪
, happy go lucky, Kaibutsu-kun (Little monster) is of Kaibutsu-land (Monster land)

…hm? Of Kaibutsu-land… what’s that again?

So then, who is “Kaibutsu-kun” to Kaibutsu-land?

次の三つの中から選んで下さい。Please choose from the following three:
  1. プリンス Prince
  2. プリンアラモード Pudding a la mode
  3. プリンター Printer

(Read more on Ohno talking about making new artwork with... disposable ears?!)
Arashi: Popcorn

Reminder - AnS Memorial Book & Staff Appreciation Petition

With Arashi no Shukudai-kun coming to it's end today, I wanted to remind people to sign the Japanese petition going on to not only ask for a memorial book to be made for the show, but most importantly to show our gratitude to the staff and Arashi for the past 8 years.

You can read how to sign here at my translations community.

The petition is almost halfway to it's goal! As the creator of the petition says, it's important to get as many signatures as early as possible before the motivation dies down or people get distracted by the new show (and the staff of the various companies this is being sent to become less and less likely to grant our wishes).

Thank you for reading :)