March 26th, 2010

Ohno n Sho

ARASHI DISCOVERY 25th March 2010

Sorry I’m late!

Artist Ohno will tell about the most important thing in painting. Um~, that would be… time.
(Kuri-chan: “he is busy with acting again”)

So then, there is a type of painting which is made up of many different parts combined together to make a big picture, what do you call that?

次の三つの中から選んで下さい。Please choose from the following three:

  1. もざいくが  mozaiku-ga
  2. ひょうが hyouga
  3. あかれんが  akaren-ga

(Read more on Ohno talking about painting~ poor boy must really miss painting a lot...)
Ohno n Sho

ARASHI DISCOVERY 26th March 2010

季節はすっかり春になりました。The season changed and now it’s totally Spring. 

So then, what it that thing which flies everywhere once Spring starts, and is one of the main reason that peoples’ eyes itch and they cannot stop sneezing?

次の三つの中から選んで下さい。 Please choose from the following 3:

  1. 花火 fireworks
  2. cherry-blossom
  3. 花粉 pollen

(And the answer is... not #1?! See here, Ohchan wants YOU to sing this song for him!!)