March 27th, 2010

Ohno n Sho

Baystorm 21st March 2010

Transcription: Chika-san || Translations: Denise_Dinc

STBY  is back And Nino is so bratty as usual to ignore him all the way~

「え?スティービーワンダー?」“Eh? Stevie Wonder?”

はいこんばんは、嵐の和也二宮です。今日のオープニングの一言は、R.N SKYってスーパー空気読めないって意味だよサン…ご紹介しましょう。「これは兄が発した一言です。最近ニノのラジオを兄と聞いているのですが、兄が初めてニノのラジオを聞いた時、STBYの声を聞いて、この人誰?と私に聞いたので、私はSTBYって人だよ、と教えてあげたんです。それが兄には、スティービーワンダーに聞こえてしまったようです」と。「もともと聞き間違いの多い兄ですがこれには笑ってしまいました。ニノはひどい聞き間違いしたことありますか?最近STBYの声が聞こえない気がするのですが、どうかしたのですか?」
Good evening, this is Ninomiya Kazunari of Arashi. Today’s opening line is by SKY-means-Super-Kuuki-Yomenai-san (can’t read the super atmosphere)… let’s introduce this person. “This was what my older brother said. Lately I’ve been listening to Nino’s radioshow with my brother, when my brother was listening to it at the beginning, he heard STBY’s voice, who’s this? he asked me, it’s someone called STBY, I told him that. But my brother, he seemed to have misheard it as Stevie Wonder,” this person said. “Although this brother of mine always hears things wrongly but I just had to laugh at this. Has Nino ever hear things wrongly that are completely ridiculous? I’m kinda bothered that I don’t hear STBY’s voice recently, what happened to him?”

…well that. Well this just proves that the radio waves which your radio is catching is normal (Nino meant that STBY’s voice should not be appearing anyway). STBY is,

ハイ!Yes! ←totally ignored

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