April 3rd, 2010


Arashi's Ideal Girl(s) 5 years ago

Here's a really old one... But I like it. From WITH 2005’ May issue

Matsumoto Jun

I believe that everyone has a "love of destiny" or "heaven-sent lover"

I’ve got lots of things in my room I tell you, because I like clothes; so things like T-shirts, jeans, they’re everywhere piling up like hills (laugh). When I'm at home I usually watch shows on DVDs. Eh? Shows to be recommended to girls? Well... if you want “sincerely touching” this kinda feeling, Ghibli Studio’s “Ocean Waves” would be suitable, somehow I feel like my soul is being washed, I like this production a lot, I think I’ve watched it over 4 times. When I’m at home, I barely cook, when I don’t have a choice, I’ll just have fried rice or just have a simple dish of greens. If a girl tells me “let me cook for you”, I will answer immediately “then let me help you”. Doesn’t this feel better? If she made my favourite Thai-style spicy seafood soup, I will be very thankful; but it must be Thai-style spicy seafood soup without additional spices, I can’t really stand those spices (laugh).

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