April 6th, 2010

Ohno n Sho

Arashi's Debut Article

This is from an old non-Johnny’s-official article, which I don’t know the title, because I’m just translating from someone else’s post in Arashi Zone. Credit goes to Vanessa@ArashiZone for posting up the version from her Chinese magazine.

Members’ information: (notice that they haven’t changed throughout these 10 years!)

He is very independent. He has his own opinion, and he is sensitive towards the needs of his friends. Should one say that this guy is well brought up, or that he naturally has a good character? People will always feel comfortable around him; when he was still a junior, people liked him a lot too. But when he gets on stage, he’ll change totally. It’s this very behaviour that showed his pop-star potential.

(infos and short interview)